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January 2007
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George's January 2007
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George's Message:

Happy New Year!  I wish for you all a 2007 filled with lots of good health and prosperity.  I received so much positive feedback about last month’s “Hypnotic Edge” E-zine.  You seem to have really enjoyed the videos.  Anthony Ariesta not only has the hypnotic ability to feel absolutely no pain with three or more needles stuck in him, he also enjoys eating fire!  So if you’re ever having dinner with Anthony, you’ll find that he often orders raw food, which he then cooks in his mouth before eating it.  Of course I’m kidding about cooking the food in his mouth, but Anthony has certainly developed extraordinary mental control. As a professional hypnotherapist, he has devoted himself to helping people overcome addictions, and is making a major difference in Asia.

So many of you were absolutely amazed by Lennie Soo.  She certainly is an extraordinary lady who used her life-saving hypnotic skills in her incredible recovery.  She is living proof of what a human being, who is guided by the Infinite Intelligence, can do.  She’s an inspiration to us all.

Yes, it's 2007, a new year and for most of us, new resolutions.  What do you have planned for this year?  And how many of your resolutions do you think you are really going to accomplish?  For so many of us, New Year's resolutions are nothing more than just empty wishes that never materialize.  Remember, it’s not so important what you think, but how you think.  What you think can last a moment, but how you think will permeate your life.  It becomes an attitude, a process, and a way of life.  So here are a few hints that may help you better realize your goals.

Begin by picking one of your goals.  Then chunk it down.  People often lose motivation by attempting something that might appear unattainable.  Yet that same goal chunked down into smaller intermediate goals, can be much more palatable.  You remember that old saying, “By the mile it's a trial . . . By the yard it's hard . . . But by the inch it's a cinch.”   A good idea might be to pick something that you are already doing, but not to the extent that you would like, i.e., returning business phone calls.  You return them, but wait a few days before doing so.  Your goal might then be to return each call within 24 hours, then 12 hours, then 6 hours, and so forth.  And if at any time you begin doubting your ability to attain any goal, set a goal to “doubt the doubt!”  Hey, that could be fun!

Make it a goal to eliminate debilitating emotional schetomas ("blind spots"). Visual schetomas are created when we hold the belief that what is in front of us isn't really there. Someone might ask, "Please pass me the ketchup", and you can't find it even though it's right in front of you. Or when you're looking all over for your car keys, when they're actually in your hand the whole time.

Emotional schetomas are learned from childhood. "You're just not good enough".  "You are unloveable". "No one in our family ever really gets ahead".  "You're never going to change".  "You're just like your grandfather Michael".

Remember that schetomas are simply illusions.  Roger Bannister shatteried a universal schetoma when he ran the sub 4-minute mile in 1954.  Modern medicine said that a person's heart would explode.  Today, high school students do it. Roger Bannister breaks the record for the 4-minute mile.

And do I really need to tell you the importance of writing down your goals?  Putting them on paper adds the necessary impetus for goal manifestation.  I love what Gene Donohue said, “The difference between a goal and a dream is the written word.”   Look carefully at each goal and ask yourself, “Do I really want this?”  Then make sure that it doesn’t contradict other goals that you have.  If you decide that you really do want it, ask yourself the six magic words, “What am I willing to do?”  Basically, are you willing to pay the price to attain the goal?  If you feel that certain people in your life are just time-wasters, are you willing to release yourself from them?  If you want to create better health, are you willing to maintain a regular exercise regimen and forgo cakes and pastries?  If you want a total makeover, are you willing to invest in seminars, workshops, DVDs, CDs, books, and whatever else is necessary to reinvent yourself?  Keep asking yourself, “What am I willing to do?”  Find a role model who exemplifies what you desire to accomplish, and model this person.  And if you can’t find someone who exemplifies the goal to emulate, then trust the Create Intelligence to guide you.  As stated so well in a quote that’s been attributed to both Ralph Waldo Emerson and George Bernard Shaw, “Do not go (follow) where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  Then, as Nike says, “Just do it!” 

Exciting news from IACT/IMDHA CEO Robert Otto! 
IACT/IMDHA CEO Robert Otto George Bien's Train-the-Trainer Program Certification has been approved by both the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) info@iact.org and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) info@imdha.com

What this means to you: As a graduate of this program, you will be able to certify your students through both IACT and IMDHA.  This is the first time in the history of the field that one training is approved as a Trainer's Certification by two major Hypnosis/Complemetary Health Care certifying bodies. I feel honored that Robert has such faith in my training abiliity. Note: Certified Instructors will be required to include a specified curriculum in their training.  Contact IACT/IMDHA for details: 570-869-1021.

The up-coming, 5-Day, Train-the-Trainer Certification Seminars approved for both IACT and IMDHA Instructor Certification, are scheduled in New York City, January 17th - 21st in New York City, March 7th - 11th in Chicago, and May 16th -18th, continued May 21st - 22nd, at the IACT/IMDHA Hypno Expo - Complementary Healthcare Extravaganza & Educational Conference, in Miami. Note: This is not the typical Train-the-Trainer Certification Seminar offered by other hypnosis organizations.  This is a ground-breaking opportunity, so come aboard and join me in this dynamic, state-of-the-art training, Even if you are already certified as a hypnosis trainer by another organization, this program will take your training skills to the next level.

"Hypnotic Edge Spotlight of the Month"
Master Trainer and Consultant, K.S. Rajan
R K. Rajan
K.S. Rajan

One of South Asia's top Trainers and Consultants, whose list of clients include: Pepsico, Motorola, Hewlet-Packard, and The Ministry of Defense.

  • Award-winning Toastmaster for 23 years.
  • Champion Toastmaster, 2004.
  • Former Air Force Pilot
  • Former Battalion Commander. Retired with the rank of Major.
  • One of Asia's leading NLP trainers.

Major Rajan and George Bien

Major (retired) Rajan with George Bien
Singapore (1997)

More About Rajan

K.S. Rajan is a former Group MD, Asia Pacific for an MNC, an Army Battalion Commander, Air force Pilot (fixed wing, rotary wing & gliders, flying instructor), parachutist & equestrian & an MOE teacher. He was also a highly successful entrepreneur, having established and managed multi-million dollar businesses in Singapore, Australia & Japan before establishing his own leadership and motivational training consultancy, his chosen path to self actualization and fulfillment.

Rajan is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP & Neuro Semantics, Certified  NLP Coach, Graduate of Anthony Robbins Mastery University & the Dale Carnegie Institute, Art of Living Course, Certified Stress Management Consultant, Certified  Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counselor, Award-winning Humour Speaker, Business Coach, Life Coach Member, Association of Singapore Professional Speakers.

He has been featured in MediaCorp  TV Channel 5 & Channel News Asia, Straits Times and Elle Magazine time and again. In addition to his highly successful corporate work and public seminars, his "Dare to Excel" workshop for teens, and "Mind Power" seminar for children, are always filled to capacity.

Rajan says, "I have spent many years and thousands of dollars learning from the greatest mind body gurus - Anthony Robbins, Dr Michael Hall, Dr George Bien, Dr Wyne Dyer, Dr Deepak Chopra - to name a few - the secrets of the mind."

Rajan is one of my most illustrious graduates.

Contact Rajan:
Telephone: (65) 6333 9540
E-mail: info@nlpsolutions.net  

Ask George:

Here's an email that I received from an e-zine subscriber.

Dear George,

“I’ve been to a number of hypnosis presentations and frankly, I felt that in each of them, the speaker did not present the value of hypnosis in a compelling manner.   What I mean is, they discussed the benefits of hypnosis, and some actually did a short demonstration (suggestibility tests, etc.), but I have yet to see a presentation where people are actually “wowed” by the effects of this great modality.  I recently became certified, and am planning on doing hypnosis previews, and want my groups to leave the presentation with their heads spinning.  Do you have any suggestions?  Someone with your experience must have a few tricks up his sleeve.”


Dear Anthony,

Sorry, but I don’t have any tricks up my sleeve at the moment because I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt.  I will, however, do my best to help you with your concerns, sleeveless shirt and all.

To answer your question, let me first clarity the difference between a hypnosis show and a hypnosis presentation.  The hypnosis show is primarily for entertainment purposes with a little “hypno-education” thrown in.  The hypnosis presentation is primarily for educational purposes with a little “hypno-entertainment” thrown in.  A number of presenters focus so much on educating a group, that they neglect the importance of engaging the group.  Then there are others who feel so much that they need to “impress” that they lessen their ability to “express”.  Emile Coue said it well with the following: 1) In the conflict between the will and the imagination, the force of the imagination is in direct ratio to the square of the will.  2) When the will and imagination are in agreement, one does not add to the other, but one is multiplied by the other.  And 3), the imagination can be directed.  Emile’s observations can serve as a basis for educating any non-informed group about hypnosis.  Furthermore, by stating that the Father of American Psychology, William James said, “All human beings resist change until they reach a point of readiness for change,” and adding that hypnotherapy helps brings about this “point of readiness”, you extablish for the group "WIIFM" (what's in it for me).  You can further discuss the “Six Stages of Change” by Drs. James O. Prochaska, John C. Norcross, and Carlo C. DiClemente, (1994).  Note: the Six Stages of Change are discussed in the August-September 2006 issue of the “Hypnotic Edge” ezine.

Now for the fun stuff:  You mentioned that would like your audiences to leave your presentations with their heads “spinning”.  I sure hope that you didn’t mean “spinning”, like in the movie, “The Exorcist”?  Just kidding!

In virtually any training program that I conduct, I do my best to change the entire academic atmosphere into one where everyone has fun with the material, even if it’s complex.  Just remember, to be effective, comedy must complement, and not distract from what you are teaching.  In fact, research by interpersonal communications researcher Melissa Bekelja Wanzer, EdD, suggests that inappropriate humor can actually interfere with learning.  And, if you really want to create a memorable event, add some drama.  There’s a hypnotist who has gained fame and fortune, who simply “stacks the deck”.  What I mean is that in virtually all of his performances, his assistant pre-selects subjects for this hypnotist’s show (I was told this by a very credible source who knew one of this hypnotist’s assistants).  So when the subjects appear to volunteer, they are already pre-conditioned to respond instantly, and behave in ways unimaginable.  Pre-conditioning people by yourself or an assistant is an option.  But it’s not one that I’d endorse.  Understand that people are apt to do some of the wildest things as long as you create for them an element of comfort and safety.  There are so many suppressed emotions in most of us that if we were given a “Card Blanche” to express them, we would rival the wildest scene in a crazy movie.  So if you want your audience to have an unforgettable experience, it all begins with you and the level of comfort that you create in the room.  You must of course have the necessary skill to demonstrate Instantanous Hypnotic Inductions and the skill and flexibility for any necessary Therapeutic Intervention, should there be any abreactions. Below are a few excerpts from some of my presentations that include two interventions which, using your words, probably had the heads of the people watching “spinning”.  The video clips begin with some inductions, followed by some unexpected, dramatic situations.

NOTE: The two interventions near the
end of the video are "pixilated"
to protect the privacy of the subjects.

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Just a sidebar: If you feel that you need to refine any of the above-mentioned skills, you might consider enrolling in the IACT/IMDHA Train-the-Tainer Certification Seminar. The fringe benefit would be that you'd also become a Certified Instructor for these International Organizations.

Best always,

Email your questions to: georgebien@aol.com
Note: Do to space considerations, only one or two questions can be answered each issue. Priority will be given to questions relating to the theme of the issue.

Using the Mind-Body Integration Systems (MBIS(TM)) Method with the Performing Artist

Continued from last month’s issue:

When they begin sensing that one hand is indeed feel different than the other, they become aware that some process is beginning to take place.  The mental expectancy factor has now been created.

I then asked them to open their eyes and tell them that we are now going to begin the actual mind/body integration.  At this point I use a modified version of a finger-spreading hypnotic induction.  Without any mention of the word "hypnosis," I say, "I would like you to set up straight in the chair, feet on the floor.  Now, take your right hand and holding out about 10 to 12 inches, even with your nose.  Look at the middle finger and concentrate on your fingers spreading and jerking and pulling further and further apart.  Spinning and jerking and pulling further apart.  Further apart, just as though there are little wedges being placed between your fingers.  Fingers spreading and jerking and pulling further and further apart."  I tell them that they can try to stop the spreading physically, but their minds are so powerful that any physical effort to try to stop the spreading would only cause the fingers to spread even more.  I remind them that the power of their own mind is creating this effect and that it's part of the integration process.  I then tell them that the power of their imagination will cause their hand to begin to move involuntarily towards their head.  I tell them to focus on their breeding and to nod their heads when they feel expand.  "With each and every breath that you inhale, your hand has a tendency to move closer and closer toward your head.  The magnetic attraction is getting stronger and stronger with each and every breath that you inhale."  I progressively expand their experience by utilizing their own spontaneous behaviors, and associating behaviors with the development of their experience.  I tie in their ideo sensory responses and ratify each segment of the process.  I then tell them that when they ask you to contact (their hand finally touching their head), the initial stage of the integration process has been completed.  What I am doing is teaching them to follow directions and helping them become more receptive to suggestions for creative technical and artistic enhancement.

The dynamics of the MBIS ™ process include:

  • Restricting the client's field of conscious involvement by keeping that part of the mind occupied.
  • Developing a set of expectations by utilizing an MBIS phenomena.
  • Reinforcing the set of expectations through an enhancement of that phenomenon.
  • Setting specific behavioral artistic goals.
  • Establishing specific and MBIS cues for their elicitation.
  • Overcoming negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Redefining who the artist is and how he or she sees him/herself.
  • Applying specific strategies which lets the full magnitude of their available resources color their performances.

Obviously, this is a form of disguised hypnosis.  Whether or not to share that information with them that day is a decision I made near the end of the session.  Hypnosis is openly discussed during successive sessions.

In the reported study, actors who used hypnosis and those who did not appeared in character before a group of judges.  Judges gave consistently better ratings and higher transformation scores to those who used hypnotic enhancement techniques.
Source: “Hypnotic transformation: Three studies of theatrical role playing.” The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 1988, Vol. 36, No. 4, pp. 249-255. Read the article: http://www.intuitive-connections.net/2003/hypnosischaracter.htm

A great example of how hypnosis helped skyrocket an actor's success was the case of Sylvester Stalone, and the success of his blockbuster movie, "Rocky". My mentor, the ledgenday Gil Boyne, helped Stalone gain and maintain the confidence to follow-through on selling, and acting in his world-famous movie. Gil also helped Dolly Parton, the Number 1 country singer of all time, famed actress Lily Tomlin, and many other stars. Gil Boyne was featured in the August-September, 2006 issue of the "Hypnotic Edge".

Interesting Hypnosis Tidbits:

Hypnosis Soothes Indigestion 
Researchers found hypnotherapy provided both immediate and long-term relief to people with persistent indigestion and eliminated the need for anti-indigestion medications as long as a year after treatment. They compared hypnotherapy with both standard medical treatment using (Zantac) and supportive therapy with a placebo among 126 patients with indigestion. After 16 weeks of treatment, symptoms scores were improved by 59% in the hypnotherapy group compared with 41% in the supportive group and 33% in the medication group. Gatsroenterology 12/17/2002
Read the article: http://www.webmd.com/content/article/57/65943.htm

Children can beat depression with hypnosis.
A new study reveals that teenagers struggling with anxiety and depression can help beat the problems with self-hypnosis. This might be common knowledge for any hypnosis professional, but studies such as these are important in continuing to bring hypnosis into the mainstream.

Now here is a pretty amazing story.
Andrew Mallard was charged with and wrongfully convicted of the murder of Jeweler Pamela Lawrence. Andrew was sentenced to 30 years jail. After 3 appeals were overturned in the Western Australian Supreme Court the truth finally came out after the High Court of Australia unanimously overturned the guilty verdict and Andrew was finally granted freedom after 11 years of wrongful incarceration. This is believed to be the only video footage of hypnosis ever taken in an Australian jail.

Useful Hints for the Practicing Hypnotherapist:

I've been asked numerous times my take on interviewing clients. It's something that's a bit challenging to explain because I, like most hypnotherpists who've been in the field a while, work completely intuitively. I will however give you some guidelines.

First of all, fine-tuning your observational and awareness skills. Perceptual awareness is all that we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Bodily awareness is all that happens within the boundary of our skin, including our emotions. Imaginative awareness is all our ideas, including memories, conceptions, evaluations, plans and fantasies.

Remember that people are not creatures of logic, but of emotion.  the best way to influence other people by talking about what they want and showing them how to get it. Who wouldn't listen to someone who offers them this?

  1. Make an honest attempt to understand the client's feelings.
  2. Make the client feel that they have your undivided attention.
  3. Don't look for excuses not to empathize.
  4. Never lecture or moralize.
  5. If the client gets distracted, focus and the possible shared experience to get back their attention.
  6. Get genuinely interested in the client experiences.  Don't interrupt them.
  7. Rather than focusing on yourself, observe the client’s behavior.
  8. Use visualization to take mental notes.
  9. Learn about client’s fears, hopes and values.
  10. Do not dominate the interview.
  11. Remember to smile from time to time.

Do you best to understand your client's motivation.

Getting academic:

"Motivation is the probability that a person will enter into, continue, and it here to a specific change strategy" (Council for philosophical studies, 1981). Motivation is a state of readiness or eagerness to change, which may fluctuate from one time or situation to another.

Motivation and drives: a motive is the reason or purpose for behavior.

The Drive-Reduction Theory, popularized by Clark Hull, suggests that motivation results from attempting to keep a balanced internal state.  Homeostasis is the built in tendency to maintain internal stability or equilibrium.  Any deviation from homeostasis creates a need.  A drive, therefore, is a psychological state of tension or arousal that motivates activities to reduce this tension and restore homeostatic balance.

When working with a client, be aware that people are constantly attempting to establish homeostasis, whether it be physical, emotional, and/or spiritual.

Lack of homeostasis - Need - Drive - Motivation to act - Homeostasis

Drive-Reduction Theory

The "Six-Step Bill Gibson Model" that you can use during the interview: who, what, when, where, why and how?

Here's my modified verson.

  1. The "Who" category: Who claims it isn't a problem?  Who had a hidden agenda?
  2. The "What" category: What's making this happen?  What is anything is different than another time?  What are the symptoms?  What effect will it have on others?  What doesn't work?
  3. The "When" category: When did/does it happen?  When did you notice that?  When does it not happen?
  4. The "Where" category: Where in the beginning did problem occur?  Where is it having a strong effect?  Where is it not occurring?
  5. The "Why" category:Why is this happening?  Why didn't you notice it?  Keep asking, why?  Why?  Why?  To dig out more information.
  6. The "How" category: How did it happen?  How does it differ form other things than happend?  How do others handle similar problems?  How do you fell that should you handle it?

Of course, if you're looking for specifics, you might want to leave out Step 5, the "Why".

Creating an effective action plan for your client.

  1. Have the client write down their goal or goals.  Make sure there is a timescale for achievement. Use the "S-M-A-R-T" model given below.
  2. Have the client visualize what they will look like, feel like, and talk like when they have achieved their goal or goals.
  3. Have them create a realistic action plan through a set of steps needed to reach a specific target goal.  Have the client ask him/herself the following simple question: "What prevents me from getting from where I am now, to where I want to be?"

The "S-M-A-R-T" model for Goals/Outcomes:

Goals should be Specific
Goals should be Measurable
Goals should be Attainable
Goals should be Relevant
Goals should be Trackable/Timed

Let me just add that more recently another model has come into vogue: The "PRISM© Goal-Setting System" by L. Stuart Avery.

Goals should be Personal
Goals should be Realistic
Goals should be Interesting
Goals should be Specific
Goals should be Measurable

Read more about this model: http://ezinearticles.com/?Goal-Setting-or-How-Being-SMART-Isnt-Always-the-Right-Objective&id=23165

Quotes of the month and more:

"An average person with average talents and ambition and average education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals."
-Mary Kay Ash

"A goal properly set is halfway reached."
-Abraham Lincoln

"Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I'll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I'll give you a stock clerk."
-J.C. Penney

The above quotes are in keeping with the coming New Year. I don't know about you, but when three super-achievers like the above are quoted, I make it a point to listen, and then do my best to apply what they say to my life!

Now here's an anonymous quote that might motivate those of you who usually don't write down your goals, to finally begin doing so.

"Write it down. Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants; cant's into cans; dreams into plans; and plans into reality. Don't just think it - ink it!"

"Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or brains or even courage but simply because they have never organized their energies around a goal."
-Elbert Hubbard

See, feel, hear yourself having already attained your goal(s), but make sure that you see yourself "dissociated". This will maintain direction and motivation towards attaining your goals. In your mind's eye, begin with the goal attained, then back-track through each and every decision and action that brought you to the point of attaining it. Just make sure to be aiming at something. There's an anonymous quote that says, "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it dead on."

And here's a quote by Henry David Thoreau that I absolutely love:
"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." Don't you just love it too?

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And remember to subscribe to "Love Expert" E-Zine.

Master Hypnotherapist George Bien

In the next issue . . . . .

Repressed memories, Past Lives, And much more!

See you them.

Best always,


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Hypnotic suggestibility testing

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