June 2006 Issue
Welcome to the first issue of "The Hypnotic Edge."

Hello everyone!

Let me extend to you a whole-hearted "WELCOME" to the June, 2006 issue."

George's Message:

So much has happened in the last few months, that I hardly know where to begin. I recently returned from 6 1/2 -weeks of teaching in Singapore and Malaysia. It was such a joy to teach a tremendously loving and responsive group of people. The energy in the seminar rooms was profound - many tears, smiles and outbursts of extraordinary appreciation. I want to thank all the wonderful students for their continued enthusiasm and support. Bravo! You are the people who will continue a legacy of changing people's lives for the better. I also want to acknowledge and thank my promoters Abu Hanifah and Dawn Ng for their kindness and care.

It's been said that "the only thing that's certain is the constancy of change." And this is so true in the field of hypnosis. People around the globe are becoming more and more curious than ever about this extraordinarily powerful modality. And more recently, hypnosis centers have been opening up in so many countries in Asia. We are in an exciting growth phase that is spreading throughout the world.

There are also some not so surprising changes in the organizations. Jillian LaVelle has stepped down as President/CEO of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT). The IACT was acquired by two long-time friends of mine, Robert Otto and his wife, Linda. Robert is a dynamic presenter (we've conducted a few seminars together a number of years ago that raised the roof), and Linda is a very gifted business person. With these two powerhouses at the wheel, I expect that the IACT will finally gain some long-overdue growth. My best goes out to Bob and Linda as they take this exciting, new venture.

Another organization is beginning to get some widespread attention from counselors, therapists, consultants, educators and the medical community - The American Society of Integrative Counselors and Therapists (ASICT). This eclectic Certifying Body is currently forming chapters throughout Asia. Wai Meng is putting in a great deal of effort and is a powerful resource in Singapore. He can be contacted at: waimeng@cherubim.com.sg
And yes, I am the President of ASICT.

"Hypnotic Edge Spotlight of the Month"
Mr. Yan Nurindra, Indonesia's Premier Hypnosis Trainer

The spotlight in the first issue of "The Hypnotic Edge" goes to Mr. Yan Nurindra, President of the Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH), and all the wonderful work that he and this organization are doing. He is Indonesia's Premier Hypnosis Trainer. Over 40,000 people have attended his trainings.
Visit the IBH website:
and Mr. Nurinda's Personal Website:

Although Yan is one of my most illustrious graduates, he was already Indonesia's Premier Hypnosis Trainer long before he met me. He is a continuous seeker of knowledge and partakes in every training that he believes is worthwhile. I have great respect for this modern hypnosis innovator.

Yan Nurindra, Indonesia's Premier Hypnosis Trainer.

Ask George:

I recently received an email from a hypnotherapist who asked what he could do about his stage fright. He wanted to do hypnosis presentations, but was terrified at the thought. Since I have heard questions like this from so many people over the years, let me offer a few hints.

The more important one thinks the consequences of a performance are, the more stage fright he/she will experience. Think about speaking to a group a people who are listening to music with earphones, about a topic that you don't care about, in a situation that has little or no importance to you. Could you possibly be frightened in that setting? Of course not!

Remember also, that stage fright is an extension of the fight-flight response. It is normal, natural and even helpful, when used positively. It can add tremendous power and impact to what might otherwise be a boring presentation. By definition, nervousness is actually an "excitation of the nervous system." That means it’s excitement! Almost all of the great speakers get this excitation.

Questions that you might ask yourself include:
What is the worst thing that could happen during my presentation?
What is the worst possible consequence if that happened? If the worst happened, how would I handle it? How likely is it that the worst will happen?

In your mind's eye, see the audience smiling. Imagine them panting with excitement to hear you speak. Imagine the feeling of your hand stroking the people, as you would a pet. This will help create an non-threathening connection between you and your audience. Just remember, they are NOT dogs, cats or pet canaries!

Keep in mind that audiences generally want you to succeed. If someone is there excitedly waiting for you to mess up, he/she needs some serious psychological help! You can refer them to me. Just kidding!

So many hypnotists claim miraculous results with public speaking anxiety, and the modality has definitely helped me overcome my social phobia. However, if we are to convince the mainstream mental health practitioners, we need more clinical studies. One such study, comparing the efficacy of hypnosis on public speaking anxiety verses the use of rational emotive imagery alone, was the topic of a graduate student's dissertation. The results of this study provided some support for the efficacy of adding hypnosis to rational emotive imagery. Read results . . .

Email your questions to: georgebien@aol.com

Note: Do to space considerations, only one or two questions can be answered each month. Priority will be given to questions relating to the theme of the month.

The above question is a perfect segue to this month's topic . . . . .

Back to Basics:

I'm often asked, "George, how do you address the subject of hypnosis in your seminars for novices?" To which I answer, "The best thing to do is to experience the seminar in person." Since this is difficult for some people to do because of distance and other variables, I decided to talk about it in this issue. There is nothing more important in our field than initiating new converts (so they too, can benefit from this magnificent modality), so the following will bring us back to basics.

I've conducted a seminar for many years at numerous expos and conferences called, "Hypnosis - an Ancient Tool for a New Age." This was usually followed by a workshop called, 'Hypno-Power! - 21st Century Hypnosis." They were always well attended, often to "standing-room only" audiences. The following is an edited outline of how I usually conducted one of these presentations.

After being introduced, I'd often say a few kind words about the sponsor of the event and the participants. Then I might say something like this, "Webster's Dictionary defines hypnosis as: 'a sleep-like condition, psychically induced, usually by another person, in which the subject loses consciousness, but responds, with certain limitations, to the suggestions of the hypnotist.' Wow! That even scared me when I first heard it. Let's take a close look at this definition. A 'sleep-like condition.' This almost sounds like a disease of some kind - definitely something I'd want to avoid. 'Psychically induced, usually by another person.' I guess they mean that this person psyches you out! No way would I go near someone like that. 'The subject loses consciousness, but responds with certain limitations.' That's a contradiction. If someone is unconscious, how is it that they are responding? And, if they're responding with 'certain limitations,' just how effective could this process really be? I don't believe I'd be interested in this type of an experience." This often creates both curiosity and some laughter.

I then continue, "It amazes me that even in this day and age, books that we trust and rely on, are still filled with misinformation about hypnosis. You would think that we moved way beyond movies like, 'The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari,' were a doctor hypnotizes a man into becoming a zombie-like slave. And from the famous Bella Lugosi movies, where Lugosi simply fixates his re-eyed gaze on a victim, who then becomes a slave to the commands of Count Dracula. As amusing as these stories might seem today, the notion of hypnosis is still clouded by myth and misunderstanding.

"At one time is was believed that only hysterical individuals could be hypnotized. Naturally, this was later proven to be completely false. Even the brilliant experimenter, Pavlov believed that hypnosis was a 'partial sleep.' Actually, hypnosis is anything but sleep. During normal sleep, suggestibility is usually decreased markedly since a great deal of rapport can be lost. What then is hypnosis? How effective is it? Who can be hypnotized? And just how much control do they really have?" I then begin moving around the room ( I always bring a wireless lavaliere microphone ) and tap emotionally and energetically into the group. I look directly into people's eyes and tell them that in a few moments, they will be feeling an energetic shift. I then calibrate their shifts through their analogue ( a constellation of expressive behaviors ).

I then continue, "Hypnosis has been shown to be the fastest and most effective tool for lasting change, and it is once again in an exciting growth phase. 'Why is it so fast and effect?' you might ask. Hypnosis helps bypass the critical faculty, which is the evaluating part of the mind, and creates a direct access to our subconscious mind, which is where all change takes place. The best hypnotic subjects are generally highly motivated, intelligent individuals because of their ability to concentrate." I then look at an audience member whose body language suggests doubt, and say, "I sometimes hear people say, ''I can't be hypnotized because I have a strong will.' To which I say, 'That's great! People with strong wills make great hypnotic subjects.' If you've ever gotten involved in a daydream, absorbed in reading a book, involved in your work, a hobby, an interesting lecture, television program, or religious ceremony, you've been spontaneously hypnotized. And this might surprise you, but the responses are not produced by the hypnotist. It is the subject who initiates the acts in response to an appropriate expectant attitude."

At this point, some people seem surprised, others nod their heads in agreement, and there are those who still need more explanation. ( . . . . . continued next month ).

Hypnosis Tidbit:

In his book "Hypnosis, its Nature and Therapeutic Uses," H. B. Gibson states that the record period for a chicken remaining in hypnosis is 3 hours, 47 minutes. Now ask yourself, "How does my hypnotizability compare to that of a chicken?"

Useful hints for the practicing hypnotherapist:

Here are some practical hints when working with subjects:

  1. Maintain a steady flow of words. Do not give the subject time to analyze the suggestions or the process (rapid transition). Students in my classes often tell me that I'm never at a loss for words. Well, perhaps that's true when I'm doing therapy. That's because I do my best to get out of my own way and simpy allow the words to flow. Can I ever say the wrong thing? Of course I can, and I have on occasion. Should that happen, I do my best to use what I mistakingly said as a bridge to my desired statement. I urge you to "trust yourselves."
  2. Make sure the client responds and communicates with you that the suggestion is understood. I've seen hypnotherapists get so frustrated during a session, thinking that the person is not responding to what they suggested. The truth of the matter is that the subject simply didn't understand the suggestion. At times, the hypnotherapist might not speak at a volume that is readily audible to the subject. I used to close my eyes when doing a programming because this would help me better connect with my creativity. Then on one occasion, I opened my eyes and was shocked to see that the subject had her eyes open, displaying a bewildered expression. Don't just speak, watch!
  3. Should the subject not respond to a suggestion in some fashion, go back to an already completed suggestion and gradually work towards the next. This is part of creating a continuous verbal flow. You may later get the very response for which you are looking. I've seen hypnotherapists get fixated on a specific suggestion, feeling that the subject cannot move forward without having that suggestion satisfied. If you attempt a specific suggestion several times and still get no response, skip it and move on. The important thing is to create a momentum.
  4. Using more sensory stimuli effects a greater and more intense response. Since hypnosis is "imaginative involvement," the more senses you employ, the better the subject's subconscious internalization.
  5. Report to the client every behavior as being indicative of the onset of hypnosis. This is called "Trance Ratification." Should the subject take in a deep breath, you could say, "That's right, and as you take in that deep breath, you can find yourself letting go more and more." Should the subject exhale in a the form of a sigh, you could say, "That's right, and as you release, you can continue to relax more and more." Should the subject scatch his/her nose, you could say, "Just a you relieve that itch, you can no release and relax more comfortably."
  6. Make each suggestion logical and believable. Do not simply suggest what is "Not." This is what I mearn: We are often told that one of the keys to effective suggestions is to say things in the present tense. However, often times it is much more effective to begin programming a subject using questions (marking specific statements), then using the present progressive tense, and finally working your way into the present tense. For example: Don't tell the subject how confident he/she is, if he/she presently has a major social phobia. Work your way up to that type of suggestion. You could say something like this, "Far be it for to even suggest to you that ..... you are totally confident when speaking with other people. Aften all, you know just how you feel during such encounters. I just wonder how you might feel if you could be totally confident in such a setting. How would you see yourself? How would your voice sound if you could express yourself confidently? I wonder how ...... you feel ...... now, speaking to and interacting with people, displaying total confidence, now? And, if ......... you could maintain a level of total confidence, would .....you have ushakable confidence? Perhaps in time, tomorrow, right now, yet who can say whether ..... you have that confident feeling with you at all times." More on this type of programming in the next issue . ....

Quote of the month . . . .

"Nothing is impossible; there are ways that lead to everything, and if we had sufficient will we should always have sufficient means. It is often merely for an excuse that we say things are impossible." - Francois del la Rochefoucauld

Whenever you are faced with unsurmountable odds, say to yourself: "The impossible just takes a bit longer."

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In the next issue . . . . .

Innovative hypnosis inductions and hypnotherapeutic strategies, more useful hints, and a continued discussion of hypnosis presentations!

See you them.

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